Kurm Investments Inc. ("the Fund") is an open-ended investment company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands and recognised as a 'Professional' mutual fund by the BVI Financial Services Commission. As a 'Professional' fund the minimum initial amount that can be invested is US $ 100,000 and potential investors in the Fund must meet wealth and other qualifications as specified in relevant BVI legislation. Potential investors can find full details of these requirements under How to invest.

The Fund was launched in 1998 and currently offers a single class of shares.  In 2008 the Fund was listed on the Channel Islands Stock Exchange, making it eligible for inclusion by UK taxpayers in a SIPP portfolio. The fund is valued monthly and recent monthly net asset values per share and the latest annual financial statements can be found on the CISX web site - or by selecting Accounts.


Fund performance

The Fund endeavours to keep costs low. Details of the fee structure and of the expenses borne by the Fund are given in the latest quarterly Fund factsheet available to registered users. 


Investment objective

The Fund aims to preserve and grow capital through consistent and conservative investment with a view to achieving long-term capital growth. As such it is likely to be of interest to the medium to long-term investor.  The Fund is managed according to the principles of 'value investment'; for more on the history of value investment see How we invest.

The Fund's constitution allows its investment manager freedom to pursue a wide range of possible investment strategies, with few investment restrictions.  For more detailed information on the Fund's current investment strategy see Investment strategy.  

The Fund's sole issued share class operates and reports in US dollars and the bulk of the Fund's assets are invested in North American  equities. For more information on the current allocation of Fund assets see  Asset allocation